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Why hire a Safety Consultant?

When an incident does occur, many times people will undoubtedly use the phrase “hindsight is 20/20”. The Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Code book, is commonly referred to as being “written in blood”. These catchphrases are usually followed up by explaining that we will use the lessons of the past to protect the workers of the future. These are examples of the safety profession becoming stagnant, and ironically falling into the complacency trap that all safety professionals preach against to the workers.Being too close to a problem, or being too involved in a company can put blinders on you and your safety team that may prevent you from seeing the next dangers. Having an outside safety consultant will remove those blinders and provide a sober second look at the problems around you so as to best negotiate how to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Even if just for a short duration, hiring a safety consultant with Life Support Ltd can revive your safety team and allow them to see the dangers that they may have not realized were there.

Life Support Ltd offers a knowledgeable team of safety advisors and safety consultants to help ensure your next project is ran efficiently, effectively and above all, safely.


  • WBC Claims
  • Gap Analysis
  • External / Internal Audits
  • ComplyWorks
  • ISNetwork
  • Health & Safety Manuals
  • Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Worksite Inspections
  • Contractor Pre-qualifications
  • Pre-Job Hazard Analysis
  • SWP/SJP & SOP’s
  • Onsite medical facilities & personnel


Benefits of hiring a Life Support Ltd Safety Consultant:

  • Reduce overhead cost
  • 100 percent business expense (deductible)
  • We offer either as needed hourly rates or long term contracts
  • Site inspections to help correct and remove potential problems in case of audits or OHS walk-throughs
  • All of our safety consultants are up to date on the latest safety regulations
  • Review and update your current safety manual if needed or create and implement an entirely new one if you do not currently have one
  • Available throughout Canada


To find out how Life Support Ltd can help your workforce stay safe and healthy email us at inquiries@lifesupportltd.ca